##+ How is NZ Hoodie Co different? NZ Hoodie Co has created a unique web-store system that makes organising and ordering custom group garments super easy.

Our web-stores mean no more order sheets need handing out, filling in, and collecting. No more manually entering tens or hundreds of individual orders into an excel sheet. No more handling payments. We do everything for you, and we do it all free of charge.

##+ Where is NZHC based? Southland. We offer free delivery throughtout NZ, so our web-store system is perfect no matter where you are.

##+ Are there any set-up costs? No.

Unlike other companies we do not charge any set-ups for embroidery or screen printing. We also don’t charge for the web-store set-up, or any design work we do. We just accept payments through our web-stores, directly from your group members.

##+ How do I get a quote? The easiest way is to get started.

##+ What are NZHC's production and delivery times? Production and delivery takes approximately ten working days (after your web-store closes). Please let us know if you have a specific deadline.

##+ What is the minimum order quantity? We have a minimum order quantity of ten garments per print design.

For example: If your store consisted of a navy hoodie and a grey hoodie with the same print design, and 6 navy + 4 grey hoodies were ordered, production would go ahead. However, if 3 t-shirts with a different print design were ordered, then your group members would be refunded the t-shirt price, and they would be notified by email.

##+ How does NZHC achieve consistent print quality? Our garments are printed using TAS automatic machines. This ensures that the first print is always the same as the last.

##+ Can I get sample garments? Yes, we can provide blank samples.

We do not charge you, so long as they are returned in the same condition that you received them in. You are responsible for the cost of returning the samples to us.

Samples must be returned to us within three weeks of you receiving them. If you need them for longer than this please contact us to discuss.





+ Does NZHC offer a free design service?

We sure do. Our in-house designer has the skills and experience to make (almost) any idea you have into a reality - free of charge with no obligation!

+ How many colours can my print design be?

1 - 6. We need to make a new screen for every colour, so the price increases as the number of colours increases.

+ Does NZHC produce garments other than hoodies?

We sure do. We have access to a wide range of different garments including varsity jackets, crew-neck sweatshirts, rugby jerseys, raglan tees, long and short sleeve tees, beanies, 5 panels, track pants, singlets. 

+ What file type should my supplied artwork be?

Ideally either .ai or .eps. We can also work with .psd, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .tiff, .bmp and more. Whatever it is, please make sure it is high quality.

+ Can my group’s store have multiple garment colours?

For sure! This doesn’t change the price as long as the prints are the same.

+ Where does NZHC source its garments?

We source all of our garments in New Zealand. This ensures fast turn-around times and quality you can trust.





+ How does the web-store system work?

Check out how it works.

+ How long will my web-store be live for?

As long as you'd like! We recommend 2 to 4 weeks.

+ Are web-store payments secure?

Yes. We have partnered with PayPal to ensure all payment details are highly secure. PayPal uses SSL with an encryption key of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

+ How many products can be on my group's web-store?

Max 6, but we think 1 - 3 works best (too much choice can be a bad thing).

+ Can my group's web-store be password protected?

Sure. Just email us and let us know what you would like the password to be.


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